That’s right! He gave me a mountain!

I have always been intrigued by mountains. Something about them exudes strength, steadfastness, the wonder of creation. I remember the first time I saw one. I was about 16 when my mom took us on our first ever family trip, and it was to Sarasota Florida. We went down through Tennessee on I-75. I had my first glimpse of a real mountain.

I was in awe.

Little did I dream I would get to see much bigger and even more awesome mountains in the years to come.

Since then I have seen the mountains in Venezuela, the incredible beauty of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Italy’s mountains. I have seen the awesomeness of Alaska’s mountains.

 All, so beautiful and thoroughly majestic!

After we saw the mountains in Alaska,

being lucky enough to see the top of Mt. McKinley, (often hiding behind clouds) (I am sorry this picture is so dark, the view was absolutely amazing) and comparing them to the mountains I saw in Europe, I would describe both of their austere grandeur like this:

-The mountains in Alaska, with their wild look and intimidating frozen tundra, proclaiming their magnificent beauty, would say to me like this, ‘Come on, I DARE you to climb me’ in a voice  definitely frightening!

-The mountains I saw in Europe, with their snow covered peaks looming over us as we drove the mountain passes or took endless train rides around and through them while observing the greenness of the lush valleys below, the endless water falls crashing down the steep cliffs and little Chalet villages sprinkled here and there across its magnificent space, say to me, ‘Come, climb up here and enjoy my comfortable beauty’ in a soothing voice, with a slight accent, and the sound of cow bells echoing across the valley below.

I decided that I could enjoy both! The wild rugged ones in Alaska, I would still observe from afar. Let the more adventurous and brave people like, say, Glen Eby, climb that challenge!

I could however, climb the mountains I saw in Europe, explore their unforgettable little villages, drink in the incredible beauty of them and soak up the culture all around me! I could go on and on. That, I will do another time.

I have never been to the Rockies, just flew over them, or saw them from a distance when we landed in Denver one time. On my bucket list to explore them!

I say all that because . . .

I have now moved to Greer S.C. and live at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains! For two years before we moved, we would travel from Hartville, Ohio to Taylors S.C. to visit Shana and Jeremy and our Boova. Our travels would take us down I-77, through the beauty of  W.Virginia's mountains, then across Virginia on I-81 enjoying the views of gentle rolling hills and then the mountain range in the distance. We turned south onto I-26 and were awed at the splendor of driving through the mountains, down toward Asheville N.C.

I think I know every mile of that beautiful route by heart, we traveled it so often.

And then we get to Shana and Jeremy’s house, which sits on a ridge between the Blue Ridge Mountain range to the north and the one lone mountain to the south, Paris Mountain.

During those 2 years when we would visit, we stayed at a friends house up on top of Glassy Mountain. They had this huge rock in their back yard that we loved to sit on and bask in the view below, which included the ridge Shana and Jeremy lived on.

When we’d go into town, and then on the way back to Shana’s house, traveling north on 101, I would always gasp at the majestic view of the mountains.

Tim will vouch for me, my incredible love of mountain views, no matter how big or not so big, would always be proclaimed. Every. Single. Time. I would dream of one day owning a house where I could see the mountain range. How incredible would it be to sit on my patio and bask in that view every day!

Then we moved to South Carolina. Not being able to find a house right away, we ended up living in an apartment for a year, so we could ‘look’ for a house while living here.

I soon realized that finding a house with a mountain view was probably not going to happen, because if it had a ‘view’ it was a bit above our budget. We checked out land to build on.

Same thing.

Our year was almost up and although I had been praying daily that we could just find a house, I began to get more desperate in my prayers. Every time I traveled up 101 and would literally gasp out loud at the view of the mountain range before me, I would whisper a prayer, kind of like this:

 ‘God, you know how much I love this view, this awesome majestic view! How relaxed would I be, and probably a much nicer person if . . .  If it isn’t too selfish to ask, could we find a house where I can even just peek at a mountain top? I would be so happy with that!’

When at the 'checkout' getting groceries at the Walmart Market, I could see out through the full glass doors in front of me and see a glorious view of the mountain range. ‘But God,’ I would whisper, ‘why should Walmart get a view and not me?’ (sad, but true)

I finally came to the place where I laid aside my deep desire to find a house with a mountain view and decided Sunday afternoon picnics at Lake Robinson, a mere 10 minutes from our apartment, which has a wonderful view of the mountains across the lake, would have to do for me. After all, I was just glad I could see mountains on my drive up 101.

After 2 houses we were really interested in were snatched up before we could make an offer, I remember getting tears, I was so disappointed and tired of not finding anything. We were so ready to get out of our apartment, which, was very nice, however, it was in an apartment complex, and when we looked out of our windows, all we saw was a parking lot and other apartment buildings. I couldn’t see a sunrise or sunset. It was getting to me.

Our Realtor emailed us a house to see. It had a mountain view! I knew from driving by it, the mountain view was the top of Paris mountain, that one lone mountain to the southwest, and it is nice, but at its highest point, it has a bunch of communication towers on it! I always thought that kind of ugly. (getting kind of picky here?) However, it WAS a mountain. We went to look at the house, quite sure from seeing the pictures on line we would make an offer. It wasn’t decorated to my taste at all, but you know how fun it is to make something pretty!

We went through the house, and I liked it, and yes, from the kitchen window where our table would be, from my chair I would be able to see Paris Mountain! I went out to the back yard, that goes up hill a bit, all the way to the fence at the edge of the property and for sure, I could see MORE of Paris Mountain!

 I hardly noticed the ugly communication towers, I was so excited I could see a mountain! I would have rather seen the Blue Ridge Mountain range to the north, but I was going to be content!

We bought the house, and I will not lie. I WAS so excited that I would be able to see Paris Mountain while I sat at my table, be it to eat or do book work. I was happy happy happy! Plus, I would be able to see the most wonderful sunsets that disappear down behind Paris Mountain. I could not wait to move.

Then this happened!

The first day we were in our new house, I was standing at my kitchen sink, looking out the back door, and imagine my utter surprise, when I saw part of the Blue Ridge mountain range to the north! I gasped and ran out the back door, my mouth hanging open! The leaves had fallen off the trees since we had been at the house last and because of that, I could see the mountains! No, its not that wonderful glorious view I see driving up 101, but I CAN see them! I let out a whoop and proclaimed to Shana and the Boova who were at the house, ‘I can see the mountains!’ They all looked at me like I was a bit over the top, but I didn’t care! God helped us find a house that had a ‘peek’ at the mountains! Now, at this point, I will only get to see them about 5 months out of the year. The trees that will hide them in the spring and summer are not ours, they are the neighbors trees a few streets over . . . . if I would just know how to kill those trees. lol.

When I am cooking supper, or working in the kitchen, I can see out the back door and am amazed and thank my God that He found us a house with a ‘mountain view!’

I have discovered that the mountains will take on different ‘looks’ depending what mood the atmosphere is in that day. Some days, they are a very dark blue against an afternoon sky. Sometimes they look shy, hardly there because of the haze that day. And, some days they look green and inviting, when you can see the homes that are scattered up and down Glassy Mountain.

Once in a while they are completely ‘disappeared’ when clouds cover them, or after the rain and bits of fog linger, they are still beautiful!

I love all of it! I love being in my kitchen and look up and see the mountain range! I even discovered that in the room which will eventually be our office, I can see a good view of the mountains! I think my desk will sit right by the window!

I have made enough of a fuss about being able to now see sunsets, after a long year of not, that my boys even come outside with me to ooh and aww over it. I have taken endless pictures of sunsets and will stand at the door or on the patio, watching as the sun slips behind Paris Mountain, and the brilliant rays of color finally fade into darkness.

I know. ‘My’ mountains are not the majestic Rockies, or the incredibly beautiful snowcapped mountains in Europe, it’s only the tip top of a mountain range to the North, and one bloop of a mountain to the south, but I will claim it! Thanks to my awesome God! He even cares about my love for mountains!

Tim just smiles, it’s no big deal to him. He just likes that I’m happy!


  1. Kathy

    Mary, Mary…..you are just such a descriptive writer! I “saw” all of your mountains!! They are indeed beautiful. I am so happy that you have a mountain view from your new home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!

  2. Kathy

    Mary, Mary…..you are just such a descriptive writer! I “saw” all of your mountains!! They are indeed beautiful. I am so happy that you have a mountain view from your new home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!

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